TaylorMade 2024 TP Reserve M33 Putter


Available in Right and Left Hand

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Machined Craftsmanship, Superior Performance

The TaylorMade TP Reserve M33 is machine-made to make you as precise as humanly possible.



This shape is new to the TaylorMade family, offering a circular design that appeals to the golfer’s inner creativity. Its premium sole badge offers artisanship and function, helping to optimize sound and feel.


Reserving Our Spot

TaylorMade firmly plants its flag in the world of premium milled putters with TP Reserve. Known as a leader in high-performance mallets and innovation, this collection expands our reach across the full landscape of putter design.


Crisp Sound and Feel

Made to meet the demands of golfers who expect best-in-class sound and feel. Machined face grooves deliver the finest performance for the most discerning players.


Classically Shaped with Materials Made for Milling

The sole purpose of 303 stainless steel is milling. The responsive metal creates premium feel and timeless looks.


Precision Weighted, Optimal Feel

Every TP Reserve putter is precision balanced to optimize swing weight and feel based on the length of the putter.

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