Night Eagle CV LED Golf Ball


Experience the Night Eagle CV LED golf ball with all new constant on patent pending technology! The Night Eagle CV LED golf ball activates differently from a traditional LED golf ball. To activate you shine a strong light source, such as the light from your smartphone camera about 1/2 inch from the printed circle on the ball. Upon sensing the strong light, the computer will automatically turn on the LEDs. Once the LEDs are activate they will continue to emit light until another strong light is sensed. There is no timer inside our LED golf ball, once activated it will stay continuously lit until turned off.

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  • Energetic Gradient Growth core technology is highly resilient and delivers exceptional distances
  • 2-piece construction
  • Lonomer covers with a 333-dimple design stand up to harsh elements
  • Polybutadiene cores provide an excellent feel
  • 15-Pack

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Night Eagle

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Night Eagle

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Blue, Green, Pink, Red, White


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Night Eagle