Kailani KS35 35L Cooler


The Kailani KS35 Cooler was built with a rugged yet practical design for all environments. This cooler can hold up to 50 cans plus ice and is a fantastic addition for every activity imaginable.

Our stylish, strong, and reliable cooler products are a must have item, wherever you go. It can maintain ice for between 5 – 7 days depending on outside temperatures. Kailani Sports Coolers are extremely durable and are certified “100% bear proof”. With an engineered, overlapping box/lid construction making it “armored to the core” and virtually indestructible, withstanding the weight of a car on the lid.

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Outside: L 57.5 cm × W 40 cm × H 38.5 cm
Inside: L 45.2cm × W 29cm × H 30cm
Empty Weight: 24 LBS (11 KG)
Volume: 37 QT / 35 Liter

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